finally feeling better!


I am finally feeling better. Since last Saturday I’ve been having really bad pain in the right side of my back, I thought I pulled a muscle or pinched a nerve so instead of going to the doctor’s or urgent care I just powered through the pain. The whole week I pretty much sat around in bed doing nothing, It honestly hurt too much to move. I’m not even exaggerating either, I wasn’t able to sleep through the night once that week, I woke up every couple hours trying to get comfortable without relief. There were multiple nights where I would just be laying there crying because the pain got too bad.

After a couple days of just having back pain I started to develop a headache (which felt more like a concussion) and some chest pains. On Sunday morning I woke up still feeling like shit, I was planning to tough it out until Monday morning (I had a doctor’s appointment) but around 12pm the pain was too intense. I called my friend (LIKE USUAL TOM WAS BUSY DOING CAR SHIT) to take me to emergency.

We were in emergency from 2-9:30pm. They took a urine test, blood test, ct scan, ultrasound, x rays, lung scan, etc. I can’t even type this without getting mad.


Around 3 weeks ago I thought I had a UTI (I’ve never had one before) but the symptoms went away after about a week. I thought this meant the uti went away on it’s own but NOOOOOOOOOO, apparently the infection made it’s way into my kidneys which is what caused the extreme pain. I honestly started crying when the doctor told me that, I felt so dumb for not getting it treated sooner and letting it cause me so much pain. Next time I have any medical issue I’m treating it like I’m dying because there is NO WAY in hell I ever want to go through that again.

They gave me pain medication via iv which helped greatly, and antibiotics to take for 10 days, unfortunately they didn’t give me anything for the pain to bring home so the first couple days after that were kind of hard. The night after I got back from emergency I was actually up from 1-4am throwing up. The antibiotics are now working and I am only in the slightest bit of pain, super bearable compared to what I was feeling before.

I sound like such a little bitch but honestly it did hurt that bad. This whole post might be tmi but let’s be honest I’m probably the only one who is ever going to read this.

IMG_3262.JPGcute pic of me after crying off all my makeup


Tom + the love of his life

My boyfriend Tom is REALLY fucking into cars, his car specifically. Sometimes I think he loves his car more than me, seriously, I’ve cried about it way too many times lol. ANYWAYS this weekend him and friends installed his coil overs and camber arms. He isn’t that low yet because the coil overs have to settle, so that didn’t make for great pics. Our friend Mitchell on the other hand, has a lowered Lexus that looks wonderful in almost any picture.


img_0615img_0356I only got one a couple nice pics of Tom’s car, once the coil overs settle I’m sure we will take more pictures, also once it gets a bit warmer, it’s still a bit chilly out.


This whole entire weekend revolved around Tom and the love of his life (his car), so I’m glad it’s over. I sound so bitter but you would be too if ALL you ever heard about was cars, it gets very hard to listen to. Even his friends agree he’s too obsessed. At least he’s passionate about something.

there insta’s are:

@thomas.parry or thatstaticgenae

@mitchellgibson15 or @is250_mitch


late night fire

Last night I worked until 8pm, I took the bus and got home around 8:20pm to find 2 firetrucks outside. My building is only seniors and students so fires are pretty common. Usually we have to stand outside for 20 or 30 minutes until the fire is put out and it is safe to go back inside, tonight was different. Within an hour there was 9 fire trucks and probably more than 10 police cars. People started saying that someone had died on the 9th floor, where the fire began. The police started taping off all the entry ways and would’t let anyone past.

At about 9:30 we decided to go to my dad’s house (about a 10 minute drive away) to wait there rather than outside in the cold, rainy weather. My dad called the fire department at around 10:30 asking if the tenants were allowed back in and THEY SAID YES. We drove back to our apartment and OF COURSE WE WEREN’T ALLOWED BACK INSIDE YET, FREAKING LIARS. I mean technically the fire department was gone and it was the police who weren’t allowing us back in, but still.

From 11pm until 12pm we were waiting for the coroner to do his thing and for the police to “release the building”. FINALLY at 12 we were allowed back in. The police had tarped off the area in the lobby where the body was being held, creepy. Thankfully no one else was hurt, very sad what happened. We got to bed around 12:30am, which sucked because I had to work at 8:30 the next morning and Tom had to work at 7:30.

ALSO the fire department was there for so long they had some sort of fire food truck parked out front with gatorade, chips, water, etc. Very interesting, I had never seen anything like that before.

(pic from CHCH)

toronto auto show 2017

This past week I was sick with the stomach flu, this ruined Tom and I’s plans of going to the auto show with our group of friends on Saturday, instead we went on Monday (family day!) with two of our friends. Since it was family day it was verrry busy, it would have been better if it was less crowded, it was hard to actually stop and look at some things with the amount of people everywhere.


The auto show was at the Metro Toronto Convention Center which is conveniently connected to Union station. There was 3 or 4 floors I think? In 2 different buildings, each floor had different sections, there was an American section, 50 Years of Grand Prix, Accessory Marketplace, Auto Exotica, etc.


There was sooo many cool cars and things I’ve never seen before. The type R was cool as heck. The OPP had a booth where you could try beer googles and attempt to walk in a straight line and put keys in the ignition. I didn’t try it, Tom and Dante did and they both couldn’t.

Adult tickets were $23 but since were cheap we said we were 16 and paid $15.


I also found out that imovie has stabilizer effects so the video I made is sooo much smoother than any previous video we’ve made.