Tom + the love of his life

My boyfriend Tom is REALLY fucking into cars, his car specifically. Sometimes I think he loves his car more than me, seriously, I’ve cried about it way too many times lol. ANYWAYS this weekend him and friends installed his coil overs and camber arms. He isn’t that low yet because the coil overs have to settle, so that didn’t make for great pics. Our friend Mitchell on the other hand, has a lowered Lexus that looks wonderful in almost any picture.


img_0615img_0356I only got one a couple nice pics of Tom’s car, once the coil overs settle I’m sure we will take more pictures, also once it gets a bit warmer, it’s still a bit chilly out.


This whole entire weekend revolved around Tom and the love of his life (his car), so I’m glad it’s over. I sound so bitter but you would be too if ALL you ever heard about was cars, it gets very hard to listen to. Even his friends agree he’s too obsessed. At least he’s passionate about something.

there insta’s are:

@thomas.parry or thatstaticgenae

@mitchellgibson15 or @is250_mitch



chalkboard paint wall


While sitting watching the 100, my friend Kenzie came up with the idea to paint one of my walls with chalkboard paint. Literally within 5 minutes we were out the door on our way to the store.

We used about half a can of RUST-OLEUM Chalk Board paint from Canadian Tire and used some old brushes I already had. We did one coat which looked a bit streaky but after the second it looked perfect. Also Canadian Tire didn’t have chalk which I thought was weird so we’ll have to stop and pick some up tomorrow.



Overall I think it looks pretty good for using brushes and not planning anything before hand, I feel it adds some “colour” to my totally white apartment.

OOTD: Feb 13th 2017


I finally went to pick up my package from the post office! This mesh playsuit is from ASOS and the boots my mom found at the thrift store.

Although this wasn’t actually my outfit of the day I figured I would post about it since I already took some cute pics. I CAN’T wait until winter is over and I can dress cute again. It’s about -2 outside right now so every outfit gets covered by my big winter coat, and I can’t really wear shorts outside at the moment.

I also painted my nails for the first time in months, go me.