toronto auto show 2017

This past week I was sick with the stomach flu, this ruined Tom and I’s┬áplans of going to the auto show with our group of friends on Saturday, instead we went on Monday (family day!) with two of our friends. Since it was family day it was verrry busy, it would have been better if it was less crowded, it was hard to actually stop and look at some things with the amount of people everywhere.


The auto show was at the Metro Toronto Convention Center which is conveniently connected to Union station. There was 3 or 4 floors I think? In 2 different buildings, each floor had different sections, there was an American section, 50 Years of Grand Prix, Accessory Marketplace, Auto Exotica, etc.


There was sooo many cool cars and things I’ve never seen before. The type R was cool as heck. The OPP had a booth where you could try beer googles and attempt to walk in a straight line and put keys in the ignition. I didn’t try it, Tom and Dante did and they both couldn’t.

Adult tickets were $23 but since were cheap we said we were 16 and paid $15.


I also found out that imovie has stabilizer effects so the video I made is sooo much smoother than any previous video we’ve made.




gage park tropical greenhouse

Since it was above 0 for once my friend Molly and I decided we wanted to go adventure. I looked up cool (and cheap/free) places in Hamilton and we found the coolest place EVER today. I never even knew something like this existed in Hamilton, It’s an indoor tropical greenhouse in the middle of gage park. It’s free to park and open to the public!!


It’s about 1 degrees celsius outside right now so being inside the warm greenhouse was the best feeling ever. Also look how incredibly pretty it was (wish I got pictures on my camera but I forgot an sd card­čśö)

We only stayed for about half an hour since we didn’t really bring anything to do, next time I would for sure bring my laptop and edit videos, or bring a book and read or something!

pic 1 of me in pure bliss
pic 2 of me in pure bliss
pic 3 of me in pure bliss
pic 4 of me in pure bliss

looking forward to the warm weather and more adventures!