finally feeling better!


I am finally feeling better. Since last Saturday I’ve been having really bad pain in the right side of my back, I thought I pulled a muscle or pinched a nerve so instead of going to the doctor’s or urgent care I just powered through the pain. The whole week I pretty much sat around in bed doing nothing, It honestly hurt too much to move. I’m not even exaggerating either, I wasn’t able to sleep through the night once that week, I woke up every couple hours trying to get comfortable without relief. There were multiple nights where I would just be laying there crying because the pain got too bad.

After a couple days of just having back pain I started to develop a headache (which felt more like a concussion) and some chest pains. On Sunday morning I woke up still feeling like shit, I was planning to tough it out until Monday morning (I had a doctor’s appointment) but around 12pm the pain was too intense. I called my friend (LIKE USUAL TOM WAS BUSY DOING CAR SHIT) to take me to emergency.

We were in emergency from 2-9:30pm. They took a urine test, blood test, ct scan, ultrasound, x rays, lung scan, etc. I can’t even type this without getting mad.


Around 3 weeks ago I thought I had a UTI (I’ve never had one before) but the symptoms went away after about a week. I thought this meant the uti went away on it’s own but NOOOOOOOOOO, apparently the infection made it’s way into my kidneys which is what caused the extreme pain. I honestly started crying when the doctor told me that, I felt so dumb for not getting it treated sooner and letting it cause me so much pain. Next time I have any medical issue I’m treating it like I’m dying because there is NO WAY in hell I ever want to go through that again.

They gave me pain medication via iv which helped greatly, and antibiotics to take for 10 days, unfortunately they didn’t give me anything for the pain to bring home so the first couple days after that were kind of hard. The night after I got back from emergency I was actually up from 1-4am throwing up. The antibiotics are now working and I am only in the slightest bit of pain, super bearable compared to what I was feeling before.

I sound like such a little bitch but honestly it did hurt that bad. This whole post might be tmi but let’s be honest I’m probably the only one who is ever going to read this.

IMG_3262.JPGcute pic of me after crying off all my makeup



bulldogs game!

I went to my first bulldogs game tonight!!! I’m not usually a sports fan but I had a good time. Tom’s extended family is here from England so there was 13 of us there in total. We sat in like the 6th row so we could see all the action up close. To be completely honest my favourite part was watching the little kids play in between periods, soooooo fucking cute.


cotton candy munch

Not much else to say, short little post :))