late night fire

Last night I worked until 8pm, I took the bus and got home around 8:20pm to find 2 firetrucks outside. My building is only seniors and students so fires are pretty common. Usually we have to stand outside for 20 or 30 minutes until the fire is put out and it is safe to go back inside, tonight was different. Within an hour there was 9 fire trucks and probably more than 10 police cars. People started saying that someone had died on the 9th floor, where the fire began. The police started taping off all the entry ways and would’t let anyone past.

At about 9:30 we decided to go to my dad’s house (about a 10 minute drive away) to wait there rather than outside in the cold, rainy weather. My dad called the fire department at around 10:30 asking if the tenants were allowed back in and THEY SAID YES. We drove back to our apartment and OF COURSE WE WEREN’T ALLOWED BACK INSIDE YET, FREAKING LIARS. I mean technically the fire department was gone and it was the police who weren’t allowing us back in, but still.

From 11pm until 12pm we were waiting for the coroner to do his thing and for the police to “release the building”. FINALLY at 12 we were allowed back in. The police had tarped off the area in the lobby where the body was being held, creepy. Thankfully no one else was hurt, very sad what happened. We got to bed around 12:30am, which sucked because I had to work at 8:30 the next morning and Tom had to work at 7:30.

ALSO the fire department was there for so long they had some sort of fire food truck parked out front with gatorade, chips, water, etc. Very interesting, I had never seen anything like that before.

(pic from CHCH)


bulldogs game!

I went to my first bulldogs game tonight!!! I’m not usually a sports fan but I had a good time. Tom’s extended family is here from England so there was 13 of us there in total. We sat in like the 6th row so we could see all the action up close. To be completely honest my favourite part was watching the little kids play in between periods, soooooo fucking cute.


cotton candy munch

Not much else to say, short little post :))

gage park tropical greenhouse

Since it was above 0 for once my friend Molly and I decided we wanted to go adventure. I looked up cool (and cheap/free) places in Hamilton and we found the coolest place EVER today. I never even knew something like this existed in Hamilton, It’s an indoor tropical greenhouse in the middle of gage park. It’s free to park and open to the public!!


It’s about 1 degrees celsius outside right now so being inside the warm greenhouse was the best feeling ever. Also look how incredibly pretty it was (wish I got pictures on my camera but I forgot an sd card😔)

We only stayed for about half an hour since we didn’t really bring anything to do, next time I would for sure bring my laptop and edit videos, or bring a book and read or something!

pic 1 of me in pure bliss
pic 2 of me in pure bliss
pic 3 of me in pure bliss
pic 4 of me in pure bliss

looking forward to the warm weather and more adventures!